City Council Minutes January 7, 2019 Work Session

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mayor Jerry D. Roseberry; Councilmembers: Jim Windham; George Holt; David Eady; Mike Ready, Jeff Wearing and Sarah Davis.

OTHERS PRESENT: Matt Pepper, City Manager; Dave Harvey, Chief; Lauran Willis, City Clerk; Jody Reid, Utility Superintendent; Officer Caleb Jackson, Huie Stewart, Hoyt Oliver, Mike McQuaide, Peggy Madden, Darryl Welch, with the Covington News, David Huber MD, James Waddey from Oxford College, Reverend Tom Johnson, Anderson Wright, Randy Simon from Oxford College, Lisa Williams, Jason Thomas, Laura Gafnea from Oxford College, Nicholas Cole and Art Vinson.         

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Jerry D. Roseberry.

Agenda (Attachment A)

1. Mayor’s Announcements
Chief Dave Harvey introduced the new police officer Caleb Jackson.

2. Wesley Street and Pierce Street Road Improvements Discussion
Randy Simon from Oxford College presented their draft site plans for road improvements to the Wesley Street and Pierce Street intersection.  Attachment B

3. Moore Street Sidewalk Civil Plans
Reverend Tom Johnson addressed council with concerns relating to the sidewalk and concluded with his approval of the civil plans presented to him in conjunction to his property. After further discussion, City Manager Matt Pepper was instructed to continue working with the City Engineer to obtain a cost estimate on continuing the sidewalk to Emory Street.  Attachment C

4. E. Clark Street Extension
This project is on hold pending completion of the Asbury Street Park and the Emory Street Sewer project.

5. 107 W. Clark Street Renovation Project
Councilmember Jeff Wearing said that he met with the contractor today along with City Manager Matt Pepper and Utility Superintendent Jody Reid and found a few items that need completion before signing off on the payment of the invoice.

6. Change Order for Asbury Street Park
Contractor Huie Stewart said that during the grading for the park, they discovered ground water in the area where the pavilion will be located. The city engineer recommended that we correct the issue with fill rock and the creation of a drain to guide the water to the invert under Emory Street. This resulted in an additional cost of $22,360.00.  Attachment D

7. Changer Order for Emory Street Sewer Project
City Manager Matt Pepper said that during the construction of the sewer main, the contractor encountered rock at the intersection of Hamill Street and Emory Street.  In order to continue laying the sewer main, the contractor had to remove 92 cubic yards of rock. This resulted in an addition cost of $11,040.00. Attachment E

 8. MEAG Power Purchase Agreement
Mayor Roseberry said the city will need to purchase 1004 kW to meet our reserve capacity for 2019.   We recommend that Council designate Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG) to acquire the necessary resources to meet the city’s reserve capacity needs.  Attachment F

9. Planning Commission Vacancy
City Manager Matt Pepper said that Aaron Robinson is moving and will leave a vacancy on the Planning Commission.  He requested council discuss replacement to fill his remaining one year.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:42 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lauran Willis, MMC/FOA
City Clerk