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As human consumption and population rise, more waste is also created. On average, each American generates 4.9 pounds of waste per day. Although waste is out of our sight once thrown away, there is no such thing as "away". Objects we use for a few minutes such as plastic utensils pile up in landfills and pollute habitats for centuries. We can minimize pollution and waste that goes to the landfill by reusing, recycling, and sorting waste properly. 
Navigate the buttons below to learn how to recycle and sort waste.

Learn how to recycle!

recycling bins

Some waste is recyclable, meaning it can be processed and manufactured into new products. Your recyclables go into the green recycling bins

If non-recyclables are thrown into these bins, the entire recycling stream will be contaminated and everything will go to the landfill. So follow the guide below and take your time to sort your waste!

Recyclable plastics

recycle plastic
In Oxford, only plastics number 1 and 2 are recyclable. Look for the above labels on your plastic items.

Other recyclables:

  • newspaper
  • cardboard (excluding greasy pizza boxes)
  • steel/tin and aluminum cans
  • boxboard (cereal and cracker boxes)
  • junk mail (magazines, catalogs, phone books)
  • paper/paper bags
  • cartons (milk, soup, juice, broth containers)
*all items should be wiped or rinsed clean

Learn how to Sort your waste!

Aside from the recyclables, your other waste falls into the other 3 categories above. Navigate the buttons to learn how to correctly dispose of your waste.

Garbage & Waste

The following items go into the 95-gallon cart:

  • food waste
  • clothing
  • food containers
    (such as greasy pizza boxes)
  • paper waste
recycling bins
As an alternative to throwing away these items, consider donating or home composting.

Oversized items

recycling  centers

Some waste belongs in neither the recycling bin nor the 95-gallon cart. Please take the following items directly to the recycling centers:

  • cardboard
  • furniture
  • metal
  • tires
  • construction waste
  • glass

Plastic bags

Plastic bags

Did you know that plastic bags cannot be recycled with other recyclables because they get stuck in processing machines? You can recycle plastic bags at the "Store Drop-off" at any grocery store close to you. 

Batteries & Lightbulbs


Contact at your local hardware stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's for recycling service inquiries. They accept several types of batteries and lightbulbs for recycling. 

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