Citation Questions

Municipal Court Clerk
Amber Reynolds, 770-786-7004

Where is Court Held?
In the Community Room of the City Hall building at 110 West Clark Street; Oxford GA 30054.

When is Court Held?
Court is held the third Thursday of each month at 9:30am unless extenuating circumstances exist.

How much is the fine amount related to my citation?
Contact City Hall at 770-786-7004 for the fine amount or view your information online at .

What Type of Payments Do You Accept for Citations?
Payment can be made by major credit card, cash, money order, or a cashier’s check issued by your bank. We do not accept personal checks for a citation payment.

How Can I Pay?
There are several methods to pay your citation fine before the day of court. You may…

  1. Pay online at
  2. Sign the back of your citation, include payment, and mail it to 110 W. Clark Street Oxford, GA 30054.
  3. Sign the back of your citation, include payment, and leave it in the overnight drop-box located in the main entrance driveway.
  4. Appear in person at City Hall with payment.

I Want to Pay My Citation Fine Rather Than Appear in Court; What Is the Time Frame for Payment?
Payment must be received no later than 5:00pm on the day prior to your court date. If you procrastinate until the day of your scheduled appearance, you must appear at 9:30am; we will not accept payment prior to court on the morning court is scheduled.

Can I Reschedule My Court Date?
If an extenuating situation exists, you must call 770-786-7004 and speak with the Court Clerk to determine if your court date can be rescheduled. Because the City of Oxford only holds court once a month, cases are only rescheduled for extreme circumstances.

What Happens If I Miss My Court Date?
A $100.00 contempt fee will be added to your citation amount and/or a warrant will be issued for your arrest, along with the possibility of license suspension. If you have missed your court date, contact the Court Clerk to discuss your options.

I Would Like to Speak With the Judge or Solicitor; How May I Do So?
Neither the judge nor the solicitor will discuss a case before your court date, so you must appear in court at your scheduled time to meet with them.