Storm Water Management

Problems or Violations?

Please call City Hall at (770) 786-7004 or email Bill Andrew, City Manager:

Keep Clean and Beautiful

The City of Oxford collaborates with Keep Covington/Newton Beautiful in county-wide programs on recycling, pollution prevention, litter clean-up, and public education.

Visit the Keep Clean and Beautiful Website

Please help us keep Oxford's storm water runoff clean and flowing freely! As part of a rapidly-growing metropolitan area, the City of Oxford maintains a storm water management program to help prevent pollution of our water supply. There is a growing problem of trash and pollution in Lake Jackson, into which our streams flow. Rapidly-increasing development in Newton County loads our streams with silt; impervious paving lets stormwater run off to carry pollutants and corrode stream banks. 

Oxford's storm water flows through wetlands into our two creeks, Dried Indian Creek on the east and Turkey Creek on the west. Those wetlands are essential to slow down the flow and filter the water before it enters the streams. While we have a few underground drainage pipes at Oxford College and along Emory Street, most of our storm water flows through roadside ditches.

Newton County and the City of Oxford have enacted ordinances on Erosion and Sedimentation Control during construction; Wetlands Protection; Floodplain Protection; Solid Waste Management; and Storm Water Management. Copies of these ordinances are available for public view at Oxford City Hall, 110 W. Clark Street.

Avoiding Storm Water Pollution

All of us, as citizens, can help keep our stormwater runoff clean by following these practices:

  • Recycle used motor oil and antifreeze at service stations or at Newton County recycling centers;
  • Keep storm drains and ditches free from debris. The City picks up grass clippings, leaves, and other yard wastes left at the roadside, but yard waste may not be piled in the ditches or along the curb where it could wash into storm drains.
  • Maintain septic systems in good working order. The City is working toward connecting all residences to sanitary sewers, but we're not there yet.
  • Control erosion and silt runoff during construction. Oxford follows the Newton County construction regulations, which have quite specific requirements for erosion and runoff control.
  • Leave a vegetated buffer zone of at least 25 feet along stream banks.

You are cordially invited to participate in Clean Community activities sponsored by the City of Oxford and Keep Covington/Newton Beautiful. Some of these annual programs are:

  • Recycling of Used Paints, Pesticides, etc.: Leftover paints and chemicals may be taken to Newton County recycling center on first Saturday of each month for disposal.
  • "The Great American Cleanup" - in April. Volunteers such as the Oxford Lions Club, Oxford College students, and other citizens pick up trash along our City streets and trails.
  • "Rivers Alive" - Fall. Sponsored by KCNB and Georgia Wildlife Federation. Volunteers clean up rivers and streams.

Please let us know of any storm water problems! Call the Oxford City Hall at (770) 786-7004 to report clogged ditches or culverts, flooding, and other storm water runoff problems. If you see pollution such as erosion, discharge of pollutants, or dumping of trash, please let City Hall know.

Check the City of Oxford website, for news, events, and messages of interest to citizens! We're glad you are living with us in this wonderful community.