Oxford Historical Cemetery Foundation

P.O. Box 127 - Oxford, GA 30054

The Oxford Cemetery was established in 1837 for residents of Oxford and those related to Emory College. The cemetery is owned by the City of Oxford.

In 1965 the Oxford Historical Cemetery Foundation, Inc., was organized as a non-profit association for the purpose of cooperating with the City of Oxford to support their work in the general beautification and maintenance of the grounds of the cemetery.

Membership in the Foundation is based on ownership of a cemetery lot or by donation (non-voting member). The Foundation meets annually on the first Sunday afternoon in February or otherwise as announced.

The contact person for purchase of lots in the Oxford Cemetery is City Clerk, Marcia Brooks, at Oxford City Hall; telephone (770) 786-7004. Contact person for information about the cemetery is Anderson Wright, (770) 715-3021.

Many graves of historic significance may be found in the cemetery. Among these are Emory College presidents, faculty members, bishops, and ministers of the Methodist Church.

Officers of the Foundation for the year 2021 are:

 President: Anderson Wright (770) 715-3021
 Vice-President: Alexa Devetta
Secretary: Marsha Floyd
Treasurer: Don Floyd

Board of Directors/Trustees:

John W. Burson, Chairman

Alexa Devetta 

Don Floyd

Thomas Floyd

Amma Gaither

Susan A. Gregory/Luke

Tom H. Johnson, Sr.

Robert Gregory

Avis Williams

Anderson Wright, Chair

John Burson 

Don Floyd