City Council Minutes January 22, 2019 Work Session

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mayor Jerry D. Roseberry; Councilmembers: Jim Windham; George Holt; Mike Ready, Jeff Wearing. David Eady and Sarah Davis were not present.

OTHERS PRESENT: Matt Pepper, City Manager; Dave Harvey, Chief; Lauran Willis, City Clerk; Jody Reid, Utility Superintendent; Connie Middlebrooks, Danny Middlebrooks, Hoyt Oliver, Peggy Madden, David Huber MD, James and Adrienne Waddey, Laura Gafnea, and Danielle Miller with Oxford College; Dawn Towns, Angela Pilgrim, Jason Thomas, Judy Grier, Terry Smith, Bethany Lavigno, and Goldie Emerson

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Jerry D. Roseberry.

Agenda (Attachment A)

1. Mayor’s Announcements
Mayor Roseberry appointed Connie Middlebrooks as City Clerk to replace retiring City Clerk Lauran Willis. Roseberry announced the MLK program tonight at 7:30 at Old Church. He also announced that Jim Dove and Mott Beck with NEGRC will be retiring June 30, 2019. Roseberry announced that our police chief Dave Harvey will be ticketing any overweight vehicles/dump trucks for driving on city streets as they are not designated for overweight vehicles.  (Attachment B)

2. City Solicitor
Council discussed the appointment of new city solicitor. Mayor Roseberry invited Bethany Lavigno to present her qualifications to the Council. 

3. Change Order for the Insertion Valve for Emory Sewer Project
City Manager Matt Pepper said as part of the construction of the sewer main, we added a 6” insertion valve in the cast iron water main the parallels the new sewer line on the west side of Emory Street. The estimated cost for the work associated with adding the valve will be approximately $10,000.00. Council will vote to formally approve the change order at the February meeting.

4. GEFA Loan Modification Resolution
Council will vote on resolution to update the project completion date for the North Emory Sewer Project.
(Attachment C)

5. Moore Street Sidewalk Civil Plans
Goldie Emerson property owner of 107 Moore Street, appealed to Council concerns regarding the tree at the corner of the lot. This item will be moved to the Regular Session for Council to vote on possibility of removing the tree.  (Attachment D)

6. E. Clark Street Extension
It was consensus of Council to stay with original plans as approved in August of 2017.  This item will be approved at the February Regular Session. (Attachment E)

7. 107 W. Clark Street Extension
Councilman Jeff Wearing updated the Council regarding the house being stabilized. Mayor Roseberry dissolved the original committee and appointed a new committee consisting of Jeff Wearing as Chairman, with Mike Ready and Jim Windham as committee members.  The new committee will continue the renovation project.

 8. Community Development Coordinator
It was the consensus of Council members present that there was no need for a Community Development Coordinator at this time. (Attachment F)

9. City Representative with the Newton County Water & Sewerage Authority
Former Council member Terry Smith gave an update to Council of the current activities of NCWSA. He expressed his desire to continue to represent the City of Oxford with NCWSA. This item will be voted on at the February meeting to reappoint Terry Smith as representative for the City of Oxford with NCWSA.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:50 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lauran Willis, MMC/FOA
City Clerk