City Council Minutes March 18, 2019 Work Session

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mayor Jerry D. Roseberry; Councilmembers: Jim Windham, Jeff Wearing, Sarah Davis George Holt, David Eady, and Mike Ready.

OTHERS PRESENT: Matt Pepper, City Manager; Dave Harvey, Chief; Connie Middlebrooks, City Clerk; Jody Reid, Utility Superintendent; Hoyt Oliver, Michael McQuaide, David Huber, Melissa Hage, Art and Laurie Vinson, Laura Gafnea, Danielle Miller, Randy Simon, and Rachel Musetti from Oxford College, Angela Pilgrim, Sarah Johnson, Mary Bolen, Cheryl Ready, Juanita Carson, Theresa Eady, Hoyt Oliver, Rev. Tom Johnson, Erik Oliver, Walter West and Sarah Leonard from ECG

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Jerry D. Roseberry.

Agenda (Attachment A)

1. Mayor’s Announcements
Mayor Roseberry began the meeting by informing those in attendance that a Work Session is an informal meeting followed by what the procedures are for addressing Council. Mayor Roseberry also announced that the Newton County Board of Commissioners, along with the Mayors of the five municipalities of Newton County, will discuss Service Delivery Strategy at their April 2nd meeting starting at 6 pm.

2. City Council Agendas
Mayor Roseberry presented Oxford’s City Council Agenda Process.  This process addressed the different types of City Council meetings, the guidelines pertaining to each type, and who is authorized to place items on the agenda for each type of meeting. Councilmember Windham made a request that the meeting agenda be sent to council by the Wednesday before the meeting. (Attachment B)

3. Distributed Generation Rider
Councilmember Eady made a presentation on Distributed Electric Power Generation and Financial Sustainability.  (Attachment C)

4. Distributed Generation Rider
Representatives from ECG, Walter West and Sarah Leonard, presented an overview of current DG rider technologies, the impact DG has on recovering cost, and a proposed revision to the city’s existing DG rider. This item will be moved to the April Regular Session for a vote.  (Attachment D)

5. Consecutive Water System Project
This item was moved to the April 15th Work Session to allow for a more comprehensive discussion. (Attachment E)

6. Moore Street Sidewalk Project
Cheryl Ready, Trees, Parks, and Recreation Chairperson, addressed Councilmembers on the position of the board regarding the trees proposed to be removed in order to complete this project. She expressed concerns of this project eliminating 20 – 25 more trees when the city has already eliminated approximately 50 trees to accommodate the water and sewer project. Rev. Tom Johnson and Erik Oliver also communicated their concerns and suggestions. This item moved to April 1st Regular Session for a vote.

7.107 W. Clark Street Renovation Project
Councilmember Wearing stated he is still waiting for the recommendation of the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission.

8. Bid for 101 Longstreet Circle Lot
The city has received one bid for the property at 101 Longstreet Circle for $ 6000. Councilmember Windham expressed his opposition to the selling of the property and stated that the Newton County Tax Assessor has all lots in that development valued at $ 11,000. This item was moved to April 1st Regular Session for a vote. (Attachment F)

9. FY2020 Operating Budget
Councilmember Ready informed the Council that the Operating Budget Committee had met and employed Accounting 101 principles to be able to understand how to read the general ledger and formulate how to move forward. The committee will meet again in April. (Attachment G)

10. FY2020 Capital Budget
Councilmember Holt stated that the Capital Budget Committee will meet in the coming week. He also stated that they already have a good bit of information that was acquired from the Financial Sustainability Study and the previous long-term Capital Budget. Erik Oliver reminded the Council about the trees on Fletcher growing into the powerlines. He asked the budget committee to consider the cost to bury those powerlines when planning for capital projects. (Attachment G)

11. Asbury Park Sidewalk
Matt Pepper addressed the concerns of the natural springs impeding the completion of a portion of the sidewalk. He stated that the city engineer recommended that the issue be corrected by using fill rock and creating a drain to a nearby creek before pouring concrete or by extending the boardwalk another 60 feet. Council requested more information on cost of boardwalk versus concrete. This item will be moved to the April 1st Regular Meeting for a resolution. (Attachment H)

Meeting Adjourned at 7:57 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Connie D. Middlebrooks
City Clerk