City Council Minutes October 7, 2019 Regular Session

PRESENT: Jerry D. Roseberry, Mayor; Council members: George Holt; Jeff Wearing; Sarah Davis; Mike Ready; Jim Windham.  Staff members present: City Manager Matt Pepper, Deputy City Clerk Stacey Mullen, Utility Superintendent Jody Reid, Police Chief Dave Harvey, City Attorney David Strickland.

OTHERS PRESENT: Marcia Brooks, Sherry Jackson, Chris Madden, Nick Cole, Grady Spradley, Patsy Burke, Molly McGehee, David Eady, Juanita Carson, Melissa Hage, Cheryl Ready, Mike McQuaide, Laura Gafnea of Oxford College, Adrienne Waddey, and Charlie Phillips.

1.       The meeting was called to order by the Hon. Jerry D. Roseberry, Mayor

2.       Invocation was delivered by Chief Dave Harvey

3.       Pledge of Allegiance

4.       Motion was made to accept the Agenda for October 7, 2019 – Wearing- Seconded- Davis, approved unanimous 6/0.

5.       Consent Agenda- Approved unanimous 6/0.

6.       Mayors Report

Mayor Roseberry advised that the Police Department had made 12 arrests, issued 49 citations and 53 warnings for the month of September.

7.       Planning Commission Recommendations/Petitions


8.       Citizen Concerns

Sherry Jackson (506 Haygood Ave) expressed her concerns for the property located at 1002 Emory Street, which she claimed was stolen from her by the City of Oxford.  She further noted that the property used to build Asbury Street Park was also stolen by the City of Oxford; consequently, she planned to run as a write-in candidate in the upcoming General Municipal Election on November 5, 2019. 

9.        Little Library Installation

Motion was made by Windham- Seconded- Ready to accept Ms. McGehee’s proposal to build a little library at Asbury Street Park, approved unanimous 6/0.

10.   Environmental Study Committee Report

Councilmember Windham discussed the committee’s recommendations on implementing environmental sustainability practices within the city.  The matter will be further discussed at the upcoming October work session.  A copy of the committee’s report will be available at city hall for review.

11.   Moore Street Sidewalk Project

A motion was made by Windham- Seconded- Ready to award the Moore Street sidewalk project to HCS Services, LLC for $228,835.75, based on the city engineer’s recommendation, approved unanimous 6/0.

12.   Local Maintenance Improvement Grant (FY1019)

Matt Pepper recommended that Council approve the Intergovernmental agreement with Newton County to complete the FY2019 LMIG project for street repair and resurfacing of Asbury Street.  Per the IGA, the city will provide the asphalt, and Newton County will provide the labor and equipment. Motion was made by Holt- Seconded- Ready to approve the IGA, approved unanimous 6/0.

13.   Memorandum of Agreement

Matt Pepper discussed the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the city and North East Georgia Regional Commission (NEGRC) for their assistance in applying for and administering a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).  The grant would help fund the projects involving the replacement of the water mains located on Clark Street, Oxford Road, Hull Street, Perry Circle, Keel Street, Beakhead Court and Cat Paw Court.  Due to the dire need of the project and the length of time for the grant approval (Fall of 2020), Councilmember Windham questioned why the city wouldn’t move forward with the project without the grant.  Mayor Roseberry advised that a large project such as this could cost as much as a million dollars and that the CDBG grant (if approved) would assist with funding at a percentage of up to 70%.  A motion was made by Ready- seconded- Wearing to approve the MOA, approved unanimous 6/0.

14.   Landscape Maintenance Contract for Asbury Street Park

Matt Pepper advised Council that three bids were received from contractors to provide landscape maintenance work for the developed area of Asbury Street Park.  He recommended that Council award the bid to Great Estates Landscaping for an annual total of $6,300, which includes costs for additional services.  Due to contract line-item concerns by Councilmember Holt and pesticide concerns by Councilmember Windham, a motion was made by Windham-Seconded-Holt to table this item to the upcoming October work session, approved unanimous 6/0.

15.   First Reading to Provide Ordinance for Regulation of Small Cell Technology

Matt Pepper explained that the city has been encouraged by Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) and Electric Cities of Georgia (ECG) to adopt an ordinance for the regulation of small cell technology implementation within the city right-of-way.  Matt Pepper noted that the proposed ordinance is broken down in articles such as aesthetics and the permitting process.  He further noted the ordinance would detail that the Planning Commission would provide a preliminary review of the application process, with Council giving the final approval for deployment within the right-of-way. Mayor Roseberry included if there is no ordinance, the Federal Law takes precedence and the city will have no say. This is the first reading of this proposed ordinance.

16.   First Reading to Adopt Restated Pension Plan Agreement

Matt Pepper advised that the city is required to restate the city’s pension plan with the IRS in order to continue to receive the favorable documentation that is currently in place.  The city is also required to codify this as part of the city’s ordinance and provide the IRS with a copy as proof of adoption.  This is the first reading.

17.   General Addendum to Pension Plan Agreement

Matt Pepper advised that the city is not required to codify the General Addendum to the Pension Plan Agreement, which GMEBS asks that member employers adopt.  Motion was made by Holt- Seconded- Windham to approve the General Addendum to the Pension Agreement, approved unanimous 6/0.

18.   Water Fountains and Pet Sanitation Stations

Councilmember Windham presented recommendations to the Council to approve the installation of water fountains and pet sanitation stations within the city.  Two locations for the pet sanitation stations will be installed on the trail at Clark and Soule Street.  On the trail, at Watson and Moore Street, both a pet sanitation station and a water fountain will be installed, as well as at George Street Park and in front of Old Church.  Councilmember Windham advised that the cost to install the total number of fountains and pet sanitation stations would be $21,600.  A motion was made by Windham- Seconded- by Holt to install the recommended placements of the water fountains and pet sanitation stations within the city, approved unanimous 6/0.

19.   107 W. Clark Street Renovation Project

Councilmember Wearing advised that the architects should have drawings finalized and the preparation of any bid documents within two weeks.  This matter will be placed on the October work session for further discussion.  

20.   Invoice Approval

Motion was made by Wearing- Seconded- Windham to approve the October invoices, approved unanimous 6/0.

Regular session adjourned at 7:33 PM

Executive Session

Motion to go into Executive Session at 7:37 PM- Ready- Seconded- Holt, approved unanimous 6/0.

City Attorney David Strickland updated Council on ongoing litigation.

Council discussed personnel matters regarding current vacancy for the position of City Clerk.

Motion to adjourn Executive Session at 8:17 PM- Ready- Seconded- Wearing, approved unanimous 6/0.

Motion to adjourn Regular Session at 8:20 PM- Windham- Seconded- Holt, approved unanimous 6/0.

Respectfully submitted;

Stacey Mullen, CMC

Deputy City Clerk