Downtown Development Authority Meeting March 28, 2019

MEMBERS: Mr. Mark McGiboney, Chair; Mr. Jonathan Eady, Mr. Mike Ready, Mr. Brian Barnard, and Ms. Martha Molyneux. Danielle Miller was absent.

STAFF: Matthew Pepper, city manager and DDA secretary/treasurer.  

GUESTS: Dave Huber and Nicholas Cole.

OPENING: At 7:02 PM, Mr. McGiboney called the meeting to order. 

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Upon motion of Mr. Barnard, seconded by Mr. Ready, the minutes for the meeting on February 28, 2019 were approved. The vote was 5 – 0.

ELECTION OF NEW VICE-CHAIRMAN: Upon motion of Mr. Ready, seconded by Mr. Barnard, Martha Molyneux was appointed to serve as the Vice-Chairman of the DDA. The vote was 5 – 0. 

DISCUSSION ON DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT ALONG HWY 81: The DDA members discussed the status of the Yarbrough House property and how it fits in with the DDA’s work on the town center development. Mr. Ready reported that the city’s sub-committee on the Yarbrough House property met with the historic preservation team with the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission (NEGRC) to discuss how to move forward with restoring the house and improving the greenspace behind the house. The NEGRC team will share their recommendations with the sub-committee in the coming weeks. Mr. Ready will then relay the NEGRC’s recommendations to the DDA members before the April meeting. 

Before the next meeting, the DDA members and staff will complete the following assignments:
•      Mr. McGiboney will contact Rob Fowler to find out when the post office’s lease with the United States Postal Service will terminate.
•      Mr. McGiboney will contact Historical Concepts to inquire about the cost to engage the DDA in a planning exercise specifically focused on the town          center development. 
•      Mr. Pepper will send the reports on the Yarbrough House property prepared by Erik Oliver and the city’s ad-hoc committee to the DDA members. 

OTHER BUSINESS: The DDA members discussed some potential candidates to fill the vacancy on the DDA. In addition, the DDA members discussed the current status of the E. Clark Street Development project as it relates to their current work on the town center development. They decided to wait a few more months before releasing the RFP for a second time.  

ADJOURNMENT: Mr. McGiboney adjourned the meeting at 7:58 PM.

Approved by:

Matthew Pepper, Secretary/Treasurer