Downtown Development Authority Meeting June 28, 2017

MEMBERS: Mr. Mark McGiboney, Chair, Ms. Loren Roberts, Vice-Chair, Dr. Melvin Baker, Mr. Brian Barnard, Mr. Jonathan Eady, Ms. Kendra Mayfield, and Ms. Martha Molyneux.

STAFF:  Frank Turner, DDA attorney, Bob Schwartz, city manager and DDA secretary/treasurer, Matthew Pepper, assistant city manager.

GUESTS: There were no guests.

OPENING:  Mr. McGiboney called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Upon motion of Mr. Eady, seconded by Ms. Roberts, the minutes for the meeting on May 17, 2017 were approved as presented. The vote was 7 – 0.

SECRETARY/TREASURER – Upon motion Ms. Molyneux, seconded by Dr. Baker, Matthew Pepper was appointed as secretary/treasurer. The vote was 7 – 0.

BY-LAWS – Mr. Turner shared the final copy of the By-Laws including the two amendments.

INSURANCE COVERAGE – Mr. Turner had reviewed the policy and noted that the GIRMA policy affords full coverage to the DDA as it does for all appointed officials for the City is Oxford.

OXFORD DDA IDEAS – The DDA engaged in an extensive discussion of what the DDA should present to Council at the July 17th work session. The DDA’s suggestions are 10 detached homes that are architecturally compatible with current styles found within Oxford, with retail facing the road. During the discussion, the DDA visited the property along E. Clark to discuss various development alternatives.

ADJOURNMENT: Mr. McGiboney adjourned the meeting at 8:20 PM.

Approved by:

Matthew Pepper, Secretary/Treasurer