Downtown Development Authority Meeting October 25, 2017

MEMBERS: Mr. Mark McGiboney, Chair; Ms. Loren Roberts, Vice-Chair; Mr. Brian Barnard, Mr. Jonathan Eady, Ms. Martha Molyneux, Dr. Melvin Baker, and Ms. Kendra Mayfield.

STAFF: Robert Jordan, city engineer; Matthew Pepper, assistant city manager and DDA secretary/treasurer.

GUESTS: There were no guests.

OPENING: Mr. McGiboney called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Upon motion of Ms. Molyneux, seconded by Mr. Eady, the minutes for the meeting on September 27, 2017 were approved as presented. The vote was 7 – 0.

E. CLARK STREET EXTENSION PROJECT: Mr. Jordan led a discussion on the E. Clark Extension Project. The DDA members would propose that the City defer the extension project until a formal development plan is in place, or truncate the street in order to maximize flexibility for future development.

MASTER PLANNER DISCUSSION: The DDA members had a discussion on whether or not to hire a facilitator to assist with creating a strategic plan. It was decided that the DDA would not hire a strategic planner as the action plan written by Mr. Eady captured the DDA’s mission and vision.

OTHER BUSINESS: Mr. Pepper stated the city’s interest in moving forward with development along E. Clark Street in anticipation of the 2020 Census.

DDA ASSIGNMENTS: Before the next meeting, the DDA will complete the following assignments:

=  •   Mr. Barnard will invite Historical Concepts to make a presentation at the DDA’s next meeting in November.

=  •   Mr. McGiboney will speak with Josephine Kelly, Main Street Director for the City of Porterdale, regarding potential master planners for the project.

ADJOURNMENT: Mr. McGiboney adjourned the meeting at 7:55 PM.

Approved by:

Matthew Pepper, Secretary/Treasurer