Downtown Development Authority Meeting November 15, 2017

MEMBERS: Mr. Mark McGiboney, Chair; Ms. Loren Roberts, Vice-Chair; Mr. Brian Barnard, Mr. Jonathan Eady, Dr. Melvin Baker, and Ms. Kendra Mayfield. Ms. Martha Molyneux was absent.

STAFF: Matthew Pepper, assistant city manager and DDA secretary/treasurer.

GUESTS: Kevin Clark, Paul Knight, and Ryan Yurcaba, Historical Concepts.

OPENING: Mr. McGiboney called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Upon motion of Mr. Eady, seconded by Mr. Baker, the minutes for the meeting on October 25, 2017 were approved as presented. The vote was 5 – 0.

DISCUSSION WITH HISTORICAL CONCEPTS: The DDA members had a discussion with the planning and design team from Historical Concepts (Mr. Clark, Mr. Knight, and Mr. Yurcaba) regarding the potential development opportunities for the city’s proposed Downtown Development Area, specifically the property located behind and to the south of Orna Villa (1008 Emory Street). As part of the discussion, the DDA members focused on the current housing stock, the market for commercial development, and the current shared vision for the development. The DDA members will discuss in greater detail any takeaways from their discussion with Historical Concepts at the December meeting.

OTHER BUSINESS: The DDA members rescheduled their next meeting to Wednesday, December 13th at 7 PM.

ADJOURNMENT: Mr. McGiboney adjourned the meeting at 8:40 PM.

Approved by:

Matthew Pepper, Secretary/Treasurer