Downtown Development Authority Meeting November 29, 2018

MEMBERS: Ms. Loren Roberts, Vice-Chair; Mr. Jonathan Eady, Mr. Mike Ready, Ms. Danielle Miller, and Mr. Brian Barnard. Mr. Mark McGiboney and Ms. Martha Molyneux were absent.

STAFF: Matthew Pepper, city manager and DDA secretary/treasurer.

GUESTS: Jerry Roseberry, Mayor.

OPENING: At 7:05 PM, Ms. Roberts called the meeting to order.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Upon motion of Mr. Eady, seconded by Mr. Barnard, the minutes for the meeting on October 24, 2018 were approved. The vote was 5 – 0.

E. CLARK STREET DEVELOPMENT: Mr. Ready explained to the DDA members that the Council had no major objections to the DDA broadening their scope to include pursuing development opportunities on the city’s property abutting Hwy 81. Mayor Roseberry explained the process for negotiating the revenues from the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) with the county and other municipalities. He explained further that the city’s revenue derived from LOST might be negatively impacted if the city does not find ways to grow its population. The DDA members also discussed some of the concerns expressed by residents at the City Council’s November Work Session meeting about the proposed E. Clark Street Development.

DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT ALONG HWY 81: The DDA members discussed gathering and analyzing demographic data as well as reviewing past city planning documents as prerequisites to making any recommendations for the properties located along Hwy 81. In addition, the DDA members discussed working with Oxford College to identify what goods and services the students desire, and what city-owned and college-owned properties could be developed in cooperation to maximize development opportunities. Before the next meeting, the DDA members and staff will complete the following assignments:

  • The DDA members will review individually the concept plans for the properties along Hwy 81 described in the Strategic Investment Plan prepared by Historical Concepts.
  • Mr. Pepper will work with the Georgia Municipal Association to gather demographic data on the city (e.g. – average home price, median home value, etc.).
  • Mr. Pepper will work with Chief Harvey to obtain a traffic count on Hwy 81.

OTHER BUSINESS: The DDA members agreed to cancel the meeting scheduled for December 12th. The DDA’s next meeting will be Thursday, January 24th, 2019.

ADJOURNMENT: Ms. Roberts adjourned the meeting at 8:20 PM.

Approved by:

Matthew Pepper, Secretary/Treasurer