City Council Minutes January 6, 2020 Regular Session


MONDAY, January 6, 2020 – 7:00 PM

Jerry D. Roseberry – Mayor Matt Pepper – City Manager 
David Eady – Mayor-elect Marcia Brooks – City Clerk/Treasurer 
George Holt – Councilmember Stacey Mullen – Deputy City Clerk/Elections Superintendent 
Jim Windham – Councilmember Jody Reid – Utility Superintendent 
Mike Ready – Councilmember Dave Harvey – Police Chief 
Jeff Wearing – Councilmember David Strickland – City Attorney 
Avis Williams – Councilmember Steven Hathorn – Municipal Court Judge 
Sarah Davis – Councilmember Cheryl Freeman – Municipal Court Solicitor 
Lynn Bohanan – Councilmember-elect  
Laura McCanless – Councilmember-elect  

OTHERS PRESENT: Judy Greer; Erik, Hoyt & Arthur Oliver; Nick Cole; Dave Huber; Mike McQuaide; Vicki Eady; Grayson Eady; Peggy Madden; Louise Eady; Darryl Welch

1. The meeting was called to order by the Hon. Jerry D. Roseberry, Mayor.
2. The invocation was delivered by Hoyt Oliver.
3. Pledge of Allegiance.

4. Organizational Meeting – The Honorable Steven A. Hathorn was sworn in as the Municipal Court Judge of Oxford for the year 2020 by City Attorney C. David Strickland.  Judge Hathorn then administered the oath of office to the newly elected officials, David Eady (Mayor), Laura McCanless (Councilmember, Post 3), and Lynn Bohanan (Councilmember, Post 1).  Newly sworn elected officials took their seats at the Council table. 

5. Motion was made to accept the Agenda for January 6, 2020 – Wearing - Second - Williams, Approved unanimous 7/0.  Attachment A

6. Motion was made to accept the Consent Agenda – Holt – Second – Wearing - Approved unanimous 7/0.   Attachment B

7. Mayor’s Report
The Oath of Office was administered to the following appointed officials for the year 2020 by the Honorable Steven A. Hathorn:

  1. C. David Strickland, PC – City Attorney
  2. Steven A. Hathorn – Municipal Judge
  3. Cheryl Freeman – Municipal Solicitor
  4. Marcia Brooks – City Clerk/Treasurer
  5. Dave Harvey – Chief of Police
  6. Stacey Mullen – Election Superintendent

Mayor Eady expressed his appreciation to Mayor Roseberry for his leadership as mayor and the path that he has kept the City of Oxford on both as a councilmember and as mayor.  He also thanked Mike Ready and Sarah Davis for their contributions to the Council and welcomed the new Councilmembers.

8. Mayor Pro-Tem for 2020  Attachment C
Mayor Eady explained that a new Mayor Pro-Tem will need to be selected for the year.  A list of those who have served in this position previously was sent to all Councilmembers.  Motion was made to appoint Jim Windham as Mayor Pro-Tem for 2020 – Holt – Second – Wearing, Approved unanimous 7/0.

9. Planning Commission Recommendations/Petitions

10. Citizen Concerns
Hoyt Oliver addressed the Council regarding the proposed uses for the city-owned property at 107 W. Clark Street (Yarbrough House).  He and his wife had previously provided memos outlining their concerns to the Council.  They strongly recommend that it be used first and foremost as a history and welcome center for citizens and visitors.  They also recommend that the Council collaborate closely with the Oxford Historical Society on interior design and arrangement of the interior, and that it be used to showcase the work of local artists.  They believe that telling the story of Oxford, past and present, is important, and access to the 175th anniversary website at the facility would make a wealth of information available to patrons.

Mayor Eady advised that the Council had received Mr. and Mrs. Olivers’ memos, and asked Matt Pepper to forward them on to the new Councilmembers.  They will be discussed at the January work session, which will be held at 6:30 p.m. on January 27, 2020 due to the MLK Holiday on January 20, 2020.

11. MEAG Power Purchase Agreement   Attachment D
The City of Oxford will need to purchase 482 KW to meet its required reserve capacity for 2020.  In addition, the City of Oxford will need to purchase 494 KW to meet its supplemental capacity needs.  The total annual cost is $4,420.  Matt Pepper recommended that the Council designate the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG) to acquire the necessary resources to meet the city’s reserve and supplemental capacity needs.  Contracts for the purchase of the reserve and supplemental capacity from the City of Washington are provided for execution upon approval. Motion was made by Holt – Seconded – Wearing to approve the MEAG power purchase agreements for a total of $4,420, approved unanimous 7/0.  Attachment E

12. Transportation System Analysis and Prioritization Study  Attachment F
The Northeast Georgia Regional Commission (NEGRC) is seeking to partner with the city to develop a Transportation System Analysis and Prioritization Study as a pilot project for Northeast Georgia.  The study is part of the implementation of the NEGRC’s regional plan.  The goal of the study is to provide a framework by which local governments can apply data-driven principles when developing their transportation goals.  The Council will decide whether to participate in the pilot project.  Motion was made by Windham – Seconded – Bohanan, for the City of Oxford to participate in the Transportation System Analysis and Prioritization Study being conducted by NEGRC, approved unanimous 7/0.  

13. Planning Commission Appointment
Two seats are coming up for reappointment.  One is held by Mike McQuaide and the other is vacant.  A recommendation has been received to reappoint Mike McQuaide, and he is willing to serve.  Motion was made by Williams – Seconded – Holt to reappoint Mike McQuaide to the Planning Commission, approved unanimous 7/0.  Mayor Eady advised that additional recommendations for the other seat have been requested from the Planning Commission and will be discussed at the January work session.

14. Trees, Parks and Recreation Board Appointment  
The Trees, Parks and Recreation Board has recommended that Nakeisha Cummings be appointed as a member.  Ms. Cummings is a resident of Longstreet Circle and is a teacher at Cousins Middle School.  She has expressed an interest to serve.  Motion was made by Holt – Seconded – Windham – to approve the appointment of Nakeisha Cummings to the Trees, Parks and Recreation Board, approved unanimous 7/0.

15. Invoice Approval
Mr. Holt inquired about the payment to Carter Watkins Associates for $10,500.  Mr. Wearing explained that the Yarbrough House Committee had approved moving forward with design drawings.  They agreed to 6% of the total project budget ($350,000) for this purpose in June of 2019, and this payment is for 50% of the 6% of $350,000 budgeted for the project.  Carter Watkins will also manage the project and oversee the contractor chosen to do the work.  Motion by Windham to approve December invoices - second Holt, approved unanimous 7/0.

16. Executive Session

Motion to adjourn Regular Session at 7:38 pm – Williams – Second Wearing Approved unanimous 7/0.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marcia Brooks
City Clerk/Treasurer