Downtown Development Authority Meeting November 26, 2019

Downtown Development Authority Meeting November 26, 2019

Minutes – November 26, 2019

MEMBERS: Ms. Martha Molyneux, Vice-Chair; Mr. Jonathan Eady, Mr. Mike Ready, Ms. Danielle Miller, and Mr. Art Vinson. Mr. Brian Barnard and Mr. Ray Wilson were absent.

STAFF: Matthew Pepper, city manager and DDA secretary/treasurer.

GUESTS: No guests were in attendance.

OPENING: At 7:02 PM, Ms. Molyneux called the meeting to order.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Upon motion of Mr. Eady, seconded by Ms. Molyneux, the minutes for the meeting on October 22, 2019 were approved as amended. The vote was 5 – 0.


Ms. Miller updated the DDA on the status of Oxford College’s existing contract for mail services with Ricoh. The contract is set to expire in June 2020. Emory will be issuing a Request for Proposals for mail services in the near future. The DDA discussed that an important step in moving forward is to gauge the city’s interest in partnering with Oxford College for a joint mail service. They discussed that having an idea of the college’s plans for mail services and their use of the Whatcoat Building (former city hall) are important components in moving forward with development in that area of the town center. 

Mr. Eady updated the DDA on the status of the terms of the lease between the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the building owned by the Fowler family. Mr. Eady has not been able to acquire a definitive answer as to the status of the lease.

Mr. Ready updated the DDA on the status of the city’s plan to make improvements to Whatcoat Street. The city engineer is updating the city’s existing plans which will include additional parking on the north side of Whatcoat Street and improving the intersection of Whatcoat and George Street. Mr. Ready stated that the plans will most likely be ready for bid at the beginning of 2020.

The DDA continued discussion on their vision for the town center development with a focus on the area of Whatcoat and George streets. During the discussion, the DDA shared their ideas on the programmatic uses of the Whatcoat Building and the existing space between the building and George Street. In addition, the DDA discussed engaging with an architectural firm to create a specific design for the Whatcoat area. During the city’s annual budget preparation, the DDA may share their plans for the Whatcoat area to seek support for their conceptual plans as well as funding from the Mayor and City Council. 

Before the next meeting, the DDA members will complete the following assignments: 

  • Ms. Miller will ask Dean Hicks if he is available to attend the DDA’s January 2020 meeting.
  • Mr. Eady will continue to reach out to Mr. Rob Fowler regarding the status of the USPS lease.
  • Mr. Eady will share the DDA’s ideas for the Whatcoat area with Mayor Elect David Eady.
  • Mr. Pepper will touch base with Historical Concepts regarding the DDA’s approach to create a specific design for the Whatcoat area. 

OTHER BUSINESS: The DDA discussed the eligibility requirements for individuals to serve on the DDA. The DDA agreed to cancel their meeting on Tuesday, December 24th. The DDA will hold their next meeting on Tuesday, January 28th at 7 PM. 

ADJOURNMENT: Ms. Molyneux adjourned the meeting at 8:15 PM. 

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Matthew Pepper, Secretary/Treasurer